Peaceful Capri

The island of Capri,  in the Bay of Naples, has been appreciated for at least 2000 years.  Emperors Augustus and Tiberius both had homes here, Odysseus sailed past  Capri in Homer’s “Odyssey”  and has attracted ‘modern’ tourists for at least 3 centuries now.  The origins of Capri’s name are unknown but the everal have been suggested: Latin capra “she-goat,” Greek kapros “boar,” Etruscan capra “burial place” . This exceptionally beautiful island is best known for its dramatic coastal scenery. It is one of those  places that will forever stay in your memories, and make you wish you could come again.

Capri's harbor sunset
Capri’s harbor sunset

Capri is the name of the island but it is actually divided into two sections. The eastern section takes the name of the island and the western part is called Anacapri.

Romantic and peaceful, in spite of the visiting crowds

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Deruta Reinassance Plate

Deruta Italian Hand-painted Round Platter |

Here is an elegant addition to every table,wall or display. This platter is 14.5″ in diameter and carries the Deruta signature.  Imported from Italy.

The Olive tree and its many products

The olive tree dominates Italian life and it is a symbol of the Mediterranean life style in general.

It can safely  be affirmed that the olive is one of the plants most often cited in literature.

Olive oil has long been considered holy or sacred.  It was used for the burning of sacred lamps in temples and often used to anoint kings.  Winners of the Olympic games in Greece were crowned with olive tree leaves.  Even today, it is still used in religious ceremonies and on certain Christian Holidays, continuing to be a symbol of peace, glory, fertility, holiness and wisdom.  The olive tree and its fruitage is mentioned more than 30 times in the Bible, in both the Old Testament and the Gospels.  A significant instance, and one of the first times it is mentioned, is found in the book of Genesis, written by Moses. There it is reported that after Noah sent out a dove, she returned carrying an olive tree sprig, sign of hope and rest for the small remainent  of  humankind under the protection of their God.   And the Mount of Olives, to the East of Jerusalem in the land  of Judah was mentioned several times in the Gospel in relation to Jesus’ ministry.

The beneficial health effects of olive oil are due to both its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and its high content of antioxidant substances.  And it is also endowed with a rich, smooth taste that is unmatched.  And have you tried using olive oil as your night time face lotion? I can only say: try it!

The olive appears in cooking, paintings, sculpture, woodwork, mosaics, ceramics and of course jewelry, which can be a touch tricky to make.

Again, as I often say in relation to Italy and  all Italian things, feast your  senses (especially your palate) !!


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