Peaceful Capri

The island of Capri,  in the Bay of Naples, has been appreciated for at least 2000 years.  Emperors Augustus and Tiberius both had homes here, Odysseus sailed past  Capri in Homer’s “Odyssey”  and has attracted ‘modern’ tourists for at least 3 centuries now.  The origins of Capri’s name are unknown but the everal have been suggested: Latin capra “she-goat,” Greek kapros “boar,” Etruscan capra “burial place” . This exceptionally beautiful island is best known for its dramatic coastal scenery. It is one of those  places that will forever stay in your memories, and make you wish you could come again.

Capri's harbor sunset
Capri’s harbor sunset

Capri is the name of the island but it is actually divided into two sections. The eastern section takes the name of the island and the western part is called Anacapri.

Romantic and peaceful, in spite of the visiting crowds

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September 2011- “Italian Italy” Tour – Itinerary

View Itinerary for our upcoming “Italian Italy” Tour- Calabria and Campania-
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“Italian Italy Tour” – Calabria, Campania e Roma

Come with us for an “ITALIAN ITALY ” tour. The places you are not likely to visit on a typical Italy tour AND the places you already heard about, like Sorrento, Capri, and Pompeii.   A beautiful package of Italy to remember forever. We will accompany you throughout a 16 days guided  tour, helping you to discover – or rediscover- a part of Italy often overlooked, yet amazingly beautiful.

Let’s visit Calabria now – before the crowds arrive.  Calabria is the most southern region of Italy, the ankle and toe of the Italian “boot” – a rugged peninsula where figs, olive trees and vines cling to green as well as arid mountain sides.  Here the Ionic and Thyrrenian seas meet, caressing  the cliffs and beaches of a long and intricate coastline, which faces east, south and west all at once.

You will discover a region with a soul of it’s own, and you will have the vacation of your life! True, the Calabrese are not quite ready for masses of English-speaking tourists and you won’t find too many people who converse confidently in English, nor  many signs printed in English. But your discovery of this region is guaranteed to make your trip to Italy one of your most memorable vacation experiences.

For millennia, the people here have made pottery, spun wool, knitted garments, milked goats, made bread and pasta, fermented wine .  They have gone about their business, shop-keeping, worshipping in their numerous churches, and observing catholic holy days around the year with pious gusto.  And they continue to do so today, self-reliant, practical, stubborn, Calabresi are usually a no-nonsense people whom other Italians say are “testa dura” – hard headed.

Now Calabria, tired of being the forgotten and neglected part of Italy, is ready to transform itself into a premier destination.  It’s got everything going for it and you can be among the first ones to discover it!

Just to the North of Calabria we find  Campania, home to some of the world’s most famous destinations, such as Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.  This spectacular area draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to enjoy the mild climate, the exotic vegetation of palms, lemon and orange trees and the remarkable sandstone cliffs which plunge dramatically into the turquoise Thyrennian sea.

Campania is famous not only for what is probably the most romantic coastline in the world, but also for the remarkable islands of Ischia and Capri and the fabled city of Pompeii, one of the most significant proofs of Roman civilization. Like an open book it provides outstanding information on the art, customs, trades and everyday life of the past.

The city has re-emerged from the darkness of centuries as it was when it was unexpectedly buried in the thick layer of ash and lava which poured down from the devastating eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Suddenly, in what had been one of the most active and splendid Roman centres,life came to a permanent standstill along with the contents inside the houses and shops, providing an absolutely fascinating picture of “daily” life over 2000 years

Optional part of the tour is a 2 days visit to Roma, ‘the eternal city’. These beautiful regions are rich with culture, arts and is a major destination for both experienced and new travelers to Italy. Let us show you the riches of these lands and join us in our 16 days guided tour of Calabria and Campania.


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