Angelica Di Chiara shares her life between the US and Italy. Her background in Psychology studies, and her extensive travel between USA and Europe, has helped her to foster a true love and understanding for people, relationships, family ties, art, food and cultures. By listening to friends’ and people’s problems — while working through a few of her own — somewhere along the way she has developed an ability to come up with a clear understanding of human behavior, common sense responses and advice that elicit empowered feelings and positive re-Actions from individuals looking for solutions. Angelica’s interests include Art, Relationships, Travel, Gourmet Cuisine, Spirituality, Languages, Parenting, Alternative Health, PDD, Psychopathic and Sociopathic behavior and personality traits, Etiquette, People, Cultures and Social Interactions.
Occupation: Artist, Instructor, Mother, Friend, Sister, Hostess, Investor, Neighbor, Human Being

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