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Finest Italian CuisineLearn, Laugh, Love, Eat Italian!” 

We specialize in offering personal and group cooking classes and events – ALL INSTRUCTORS ARE NATIVE ITALIANS-  We also organize private culinary, artistic and cultural trips to Italy for small groups.




BREAD & PIZZA MAKING – 6 students maximum group capacity

Learn to make basic bread and pizza the true Italian way!!

Saturday, Nov 11, 2017: 10am- 1:30pm @Private Home Fayetteville- Peachtree City Location

Monday, Nov 13, 2017: 10am- 1:30pm @BORGO ITALIA restaurant, Kedron, PTC

Finest Italian Classes

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017:  10:30am- 2pm @Private Home Fayetteville- Peachtree City Location

Saturday, December 2, 2017: 10:30am-2pm@Private Home Fayetteville-Peachtree City Location

SIGN UP for NOV 2017  BREAD & PIZZA workshop @Private Home Fayetteville- Peachtree City Location

Finest Italian Classes



RISOTTO MAKING- 5 students maximum group  capacity

Learn the 7 steps of making authentic, creamy Risotto WITHOUT adding cream. Risotto is a naturally Gluten Free dish!

Saturday, Nov 25, 2017: 1:30pm- 4:30pm@Private Home Fayetteville-Peachtree City Location

Sunday, Nov 26, 2017: 1:30pm- 4:30pm@Private Home Fayetteville-Peachtree City

SIGN UP for NOV  2017  RISOTTO Workshop @Private Home Fayetteville- Peachtree City Location

Finest Italian Classes



TEXT US @ 650-283-9009 to let us know your preferred  date. If you have a group of at least 3 we can set your own dates. Small groups only, maximum 6 students. 15% discount applies to groups of 3 or more


Learn, Laugh, Love, Eat Italian!


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Take an Italian cooking class/lesson and learn recipes, techniques and a few Italian words and phrases that will be just what you need to make Italian Gourmet cooking an everyday part of your life. We are very aware of the health benefits of herbs and include them in our recipes to enhance the natural healing properties of GOOD food, which is not only a pleasurable experience, but provides much needed, quality fuel for our bodies. Using herbs and spices expands our taste palette without adding extra calories, and may decrease the amount of salt, fat, and sugars we use without sacrificing flavor.

Cooking classes are perfect for individuals, couples and small groups. Some classes feature an entire menu from appetizer to dessert; others focus on a specific technique or ingredient (e.g. basic cooking skills, bread and pizza workshops, meat recipes, pasta sauce making, risotto workshops, etc.). After the cooking is done, sit down and enjoy the dishes you cooked with your family and friends.

SIGN UP for NOV 13 2017  BREAD & PIZZA workshop @Private Home Fayetteville- Peachtree City Location

Finest Italian Classes




Classes are between two and three and a half hours in length, depending on the kind of class and the menu. During the lesson we will prepare three or four dishes from start to finish. All menus are custom-designed to suit your tastes, skills and kitchen equipment. One-on-one or group lessons and special private culinary trips to Italy are provided.

DEMONSTRATION CLASSES are an intimate, interactive look at cooking. Each class features an entertaining and informative lesson by the instructor plus generous tastings of every dish prepared in class. Take notes as you watch our chef work, and ask questions throughout the process to walk away able to recreate the menu at home.

FinestFOODSHANDS-ON CLASSES let you participate in each step of the cooking, so you can master the techniques at home. The instructor will discuss the ins and outs of each recipe, give you valuable tips, and coach you as you work together with other students in small groups to prepare the dishes. You’ll sit down at the end of class to feast upon the fruits of your labor with your friends.

WORKSHOPS : we offer 3-4 hrs long workshops. Workshops tuition is $39.95 p.p., couple and group discounts offered
RISOTTO Workshop: learn how to make authentic Risotto- 4 recipes
BREAD  & PIZZA workshops – Basic White, Baguette,  Ciabatta and moreitalian-bread
RICOTTA making Workshop

PRIVATE IN-HOME COOKING COURSES are a wonderful way to build skills and confidence or prepare for a special event in the privacy of your home. We offer package deals which start with a 10 hrs course in 4 sessions Written recipes and tips are included along with hands on instruction. Course can be scheduled bi-weekly or weekly, according to your needs.  FarfalleCarbDETAIL


The following tuition applies, unless arranged otherwise:

* Demonstration Classes: $30
* Hands-On Classes: $45
* Workshops: $39.95
* Private Cooking Course STARTING AT $195- 4 sessions of 3 hrs each

Prize is per person. Discounts apply for couples and groups.

Finest Italian Classes








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